GRP Mouldings

fibreglass moulding

Fibreglass Moulding in Leeds

At Vehicle Composites, we offer top-quality GRP and carbon fibre components. Get in touch with our professionals for more information.
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Hand lamination

Hand lamination involves the saturating of reinforcement material made from glass or carbon fibres with cold-curing resin. Hand lamination requires a low level of investment. This is a process where only one fiberglass surface of the moulding is required to be smooth. Used for all applications from small items to the largest structures.
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Vacuum infusion

Vacuum resin infusion is a sophisticated technique for manufacturing high performance, void free composites even on
large or complicated moulds. The process is ideally suited to the manufacture of carbon fibre composites and is widely
used by professional manufacturers for the production of carbon fibre body panels such as bonnets and by marine
manufacturers for the production of boat hulls.
We can provide bespoke GRP mouldings. Call Vehicle Composites in Leeds on
0113 255 7199
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